Katerina Kapellaki International

I have international skills and training. The number of days the state says we should work on a weekly basis is the number of continents I have worked projects on, residential and commercial alike; I’m constantly up to date with products and resourses globally. I’ve written for upmarket magazines on interior design, have been in over 100 media mediums internationally. I’ve held numerous masterclasses internationally, been on the HIA judging panel for the past 4 years, had my own pay per view TV show in the USA. I have previously also had my own radio show on interior design in the USA. I’ve been designing high end furniture for a while now and I’ve managed my own projects in the ELITE Emirates Hills in Dubai - where only the best are invited.


I’ve helped hundreds of clients from all over the globe create more wealth and financial freedom. I have a passion for property fashion, and with over a decade of industry experience, I’m highly passionate about providing property owners, investors, builders and real-estate professionals with the best possible solutions.

"We are here to make a difference; that is why social change is moulded into our business model. Each profit experience is tied to a non-profit initiative." I believe in turning passion to magic. I believe in giving back. I have a purpose and my inspiration is derived from my upbringing, Greek ancient architecture - my architectural roots coming from the Minoan civilisation (i.e. Knossos) - and of course my family. My purpose is to take the world by storm, one room and one "Happy Home" at a time.

Step into my world, or let me step into yours and I'll introduce you to a bit of decadence, my artform.

Interior design is a thought-spirit ordering way of life for me. It's an artform, as well as it is the best way I can return to the world the beauty and warmness of heart it's shown me through color, harmony, order and appeal. When I step inside a room, be it empty or furnished, the walls, the light, the size, the ideas, ultimately, they talk to me. I know every practitioner pertaining to a certain life domain will have only good things to say about his area of expertise, making you wonder if not all human enterprises are good, beautiful and useful. You can look at it from the other side of the coin and off-balance the idea, implying that each individual, either if he’s working in the most beautiful environment in the world or the most harmful one, will try to offer purpose to his work, boosting his meaning in life and granting himself a stylized, non-realistic image. There are times when we need to do that, and there are times when our art precedes our chiseled words and speaks for itself.