Katerina Kapellaki International

Helping Orphans and Orphanges create Happy Surroundings.

We are here to make a difference, that is why social change is moulded into our business model. Each profit experience is tied to a non-profit initiative. When you invest in you through our trainings or live events, you are helping support children in orphanages in developing nations and much more.

​My philanthropic nerve was stimulated at an early age, my parents both having come from a rather Dickensian/Oliver Twist orphanage background. I’ve found relentless pleasure in drawing orphanages, as there was always something to add, embellish and create so that the inhabitants’ lives would be a little bit better. I would design my own, so that other orphans would have better or more functional and spacious rooms and more sunlight. Those drawings and the feelings growing up in such a place would stir in me made me pursue what I like to call “my life’s purpose”, a set of ideals and positive willful conduct that revolve around transforming and creating beautiful spaces for people. 

When referring to me, someone once said, Not sure how much longer she can continue her fight for the children or how much more of her there is to give, but she pledged to keep going until she no longer can”